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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Little Jacket

So, I mentioned I was going to make a small heartwarming jacket for my girl Kenzie. I was so excited to get started on it. Instead of sewing patchwork, I bought fabric printed with squares and quilted the panels from that. Small squares made for lots of quilting. It went together so nicely and quickly since I had just finished my own. Well, I had it all finished except the arm cuffs, as I needed to mark where to adjust the length to her cute little arms. Got all finished, except for trimming threads (now is one of those times I wish I had a serger...), tried it on her, and it was so short that the lower band came above her waist, and the pockets were on her chest, lol. I was bummed. Here's a picture. You can see how short the body was. My first clue should have been using a 12 inch zipper. That's short! And this was a size 6.

I thought about giving it to Goodwill, but hated to lose all the time I spent quilting the fabric. Sat and thought for a while and then had a great idea! I removed the band and the pockets and the zipper. Cut a 4 1/2" piece of the quilted fabric I had left over, and attached it to the bottom of the coat using the QAYG method of joining blocks. I zigzagged the pieces together to prevent having a seam and covered the zigzag with fabric strips. Then reapplied the band, a longer zipper and put the pockets back on. It lies flat and is not really noticeable. Of course I couldn't get the coat to lie flat in my picture!!

So, here is a the finished product. She loves this fabric!! I will take a picture of her in it when I give it to her tonight. 

Next, I have fabric with Hello Kitty squares to quilt and make a jacket for her younger sister, Khloe. I will definitely make it longer than the pattern to start with on hers!!!

I have started a new project for myself, Tall Tree by Cindy Egerton. I have all the pieces cut and just started the paper piecing. My sister, Patty, made one and got a ribbon for it in a quilt show. You can see hers here.

Beautiful fall weather, so take a break from sewing and get outside while you can!!