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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

From Winter to Summer,,What Happened to Spring??

Seems like we went right from wearing winter clothes right to summer clothes. I enjoy spring so much!!! We just finished a little redo on the front porch, and I hope to get to spend a little time out there before the heat and the mosquitos set in.

It was an idea I found on pinterest somewhere. It used canvas drop cloths from Lowe's and some curtain rods. I love the look, it's like a little room. We hope to get the other end of the porch done this summer, but it will be a little outside eating area.

I also got a quilt finished. It is very summery and bright. I wanted something to hand quilt as I hadn't done that for a while. But when I went to buy batting, they had warm and natural on sale for 20.00!! Got it home, got the quilt sandwiched and on a hoop, started hand quilting...then realized I hate hand quilting with W&N. It is so hard to get nice little stitches. So, I finished the center square, then, with a lot of wrangling, got the quilt onto my frame and machine meandered the rest. It did come out nice though.

I did a swap, with my ABC Quilters group, of blocks called flip flop blocks. There are several patterns, but I chose the baskets. My next project will be to get these sewn together and quilted. A couple of the blocks don't show up really well, so I am going to put lattice between each one using the fabric at the bottom, and I will machine blanket stitch around the baskets using a similar light color. I think it will show up.

That's it for now. Enjoy the day.